Bian Weihao(卞维豪); 个人主页; 活动星系研究组
Ph.D., in astrophysics,            2001-2004, NOAC, CAS
       M.S., in Theoretical Physics,  1995-1998, NJNU
       B.S.,  in Physics,                     1991-1995, NJNU

       Professor of Astrophysics:       2011 -         , NJNU
       Associate Professor:                2005 - 2011, NJNU
       Lecturer of Physics:                 2001 - 2005, NJNU
Research Supermassive Black Holes; AGN/QSOs; Galaxy Evolution
Teaching Introduction to Astrophysics; College Physics; Engineer Math;Electromagnetic fields and waves; Mechanics
Contact;  QQ: 1417069509; Room: K2-418